For quite some time, I have admired that way that Chris Aldrich has built his WordPress website with the aim of posting all of his writing and other content to his own website. One of the most interesting features of his site is how he has incorporated his use of, the free and open-source annotation tool, into his WordPress site. As someone who also uses for casual and professional reading and within my teaching, I am trying to see if I can accomplish something similar.

David Shanske helped out by referring me to a Github Gist that registers custom post kinds outside of the Post Kinds plugin directory. This will allow me to retain the custom post kind even when Post Kinds is updated. I made a fork of David’s Gist with some changes to define it as kind related to annotation.

Icon Support

Using Chris’s instructions, I was able to include an SVG icon that will display on my posts and within the Post Kinds metabox editor.  Be sure to select the settings for “icon” or “icon and text” so that the SVG icon will display.  I used the highligher icon with appropriate permissions from Font Awesome’s Github collection.


As a next step, I would like to customize the appearance of the kind. As a starting point, it might be good to try out the various types of Post Formats that might work well. I am using the bookmark format at the moment.