The day began with a short (1KM) walk to the Palermo Train Station down Via Maqueda. We ended up in the same cafe we visited yesterday.

E’s little stuffed animal goes with her everywhere.

Getting to Cefalù by train was easier than we thought. We arrived at te train station to find that our scheduled train was leaving later, much later. But K was quick on her feet and found out that we could leave in 10 minutes.

Once we arrived in Cefalù we rolled up to our room and immediately left to get a bite to eat. After that, we got suited up and headed down to the beach.

If you (can) hear a scooter engine, you better step out of the way.

The kitchen in our apartment. E said that he would eat salads if we had orange bowls at home.

One view from our window includes the dramatic rock face of the cliff overlooking Cefalù

The view from our window includes this courtyard with lots of interesting things going on at night.